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Kali waterfall hike, North Sulawesi

Kali waterfall, like Mount Mahawu, is a very easy hike. Well signposted once you’re there (!), the start of the trail is down a narrow side road in Kali village. The hardest part will be finding the start of this trail. It doesn’t help that the correct location is not in the location named as ‘Kali waterfall’ by Google Maps. The GPS trail at the bottom of this post should help you find the trail. We made a small donation to park in front of a local house right at the entrance.

Entrance to the Kali waterfall hike

Key Facts

Location: near Tomohon, North Sulawesi
Distance: 3 km
Time: 1 hour
People seen: None
Difficulty: 1/5
Guidebook: Rough Guide to Indonesia
Accommodation: Accommodation in Manado

At some point in the past somebody has invested money in the Kali waterfall, as the path is paved the entire way (although this does make parts of it very slippery!). There are also several (now dilapidated) shelters en route. Despite being mentioned on many websites, the trail to Kali waterfall seems somewhat overgrown in places, as if it now sees few visitors. This is a shame because with a little bit of attention this could be a nice family afternoon trip. The forest is pleasant and shady and the falls can be heard from some distance.

The bridge at Kali waterfall

The ‘waterfall’ is actually a pair of waterfalls. Once there, a quaint arched bridge makes for a good viewing point. Going beyond that is fun, but guarantees a soaking from the falls’ constant spray.

Kali waterfall is another trip offered by most companies in Manado. However, there is absolutely no need to take a guide – the walk is extremely easy. It would make sense to combine the waterfall with one of the other trips in the area, such as Mount Mahawu, Mount Lokon, or Tomohon.


Map of the Kali waterfall hike:

Download this map/gpx file (Created using Garmin eTrex 30 GPS)
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Kali waterfall hike, North Sulawesi
Kali waterfall is an easy walk to a beautiful twin waterfall in North Sulawesi. A quaint colonial era bridge makes for a photogenic scene.
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