Kayaking in Doubtful Sound

Doubtful Sound Kayaking

Kayaking in Doubtful Sound is not the first activity most people consider when in Te Anau. Probably the best known sound in New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park is Milford Sound, with all manner of trips…

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Gunung Panti hike

Gunung Panti summit hike

Gunung Panti forest reserve offers a strenuous but short hike to the mountain’s summit, with great views over the surrounding forest. It can be completed as a day trip, or an overnight trip using the campsite at the summit.

Singapore Southern ridges walk

Southern Ridges walk, Singapore

Singapore’s Southern Ridges walk is an urban trail in the south of the island state. The walk links several parks in the area, including Mount Faber and Kent Ridge, and features several long elevated paths…

Crag Hotel, Penang Hill

Crag Hotel, Abandoned hotel on Penang Hill

Crag Hotel is an abandoned hotel and school located in the jungle on the north edge of Penang Hill, Pilau Pinang, Malayisa. In its time it has been a private residence, a hotel, an international school, and…

Humberstone abandoned buildings

Humberstone ghost town, Chile

Key Facts Location: Near Iquique, Chile Distance: 1-4km Days: 1 Difficulty: 1/5 Guidebook: Humberstone is the ‘sister’ site to the nearby Santa Laura and is much larger. Whereas the remaining buildings at Santa Laura are…